Carpet Cleaning Packages!

Standard Clean
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Standard Clean

A standard carpet cleaning packages are great for someone interested in traffic way cleaning, move in move out cleaning, or is a cleaning a new or lightly soiled carpet. A cost effective professional service which will adequately clean and most carpet fibers.

$40 a room includes , pretreatment up 250 sf, steam extraction, traffic areas

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Detailed Clean
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Detailed Clean

A detailed carpet cleaning packages is designed to provide wall to wall cleaning carpet cleaning service. This service is designed to remove the dirt trapped in your carpeting via our steam extraction system. The Carpet Heroes will then inspect the carpeting for spots, and traffic and apply the correct techniques to remove the spots from your carpeting.

$60 a room includes spots. Deoderazation. full spot removal, ligh tfurniture removal

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Anti Allergen Treatment
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Anti Allergen Clean

Carpet Heroes anti-allergen carpet cleaning program ues specially formulated cleaning products, equipment, and techniques to clean and remove 93% of the allergens and asthma containing particles in your carpet fibers. Our anti allergen treatment program will greatly improve the indoor air quality of your home.

$75 A room includes spots. Deoderazation. full spot removal All spot removal roatary, steam extraction, light furiture.

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Carpet Hero Hint

Carpets like people and plants breath. This process may show increased soiling around the edges of a room, under doors and near air ducts. Basicly anywhere there is air flow around the edge of the carpet fibers. This process is called soil filtration, fogging or venting and is caused by the carpets pile fibers filtering out dirt particles from the air.

The quick in some cases yes and in others, no. However, they can be transferred or treated. There are many different methods to remove a stain from the carpet. Call Carpet Heroes today and request a carpet cleaner to cleaning and treat your carpet today!

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Check Out These Carpet Cleaning Services

Area rugs can add beauty and warmth to your home or business. Strategically placed, area rugs will protect your existing hardwood or natural stone floor's high traffic areas. Area rugs also help reduce sound especially when placed over tile or hardwood floor. There are thousands of area rugs which range in price can be a major investment costing hundreds of dollars. Our qualified staff will examine the fiber and choose the proper cleaning method based on the type of carpet fibers, colors and designs present in your area rug. We use a variety of area rug cleaning methods to insure high quality, and safe cleaning of your area rug.

Carpet Heroes oriental rug cleaning company specializes in professional cleaning of oriental, wool, silk, Persian, Indian, Karastan and other types of oriental rugs. Carpet Heroes cleaning technicians are specially trained in the cleaning and care of oriental area rugs. Call today and schedule a pickup time for the cleaning of your oriental rug. Carpet Heroes offer same day service with PICK-UP and DELIVERY in Chicago metro area to all of our carpet cleaning clients.

As much as we love our pets, they can be difficult when it comes to accidents in the home. What's harder to is finding where past accidents may have taken place, accidents you may not have even known about. Carpet Heroes use expert training and formulated agents to identify pet accidents in your home. Our children and pet safe enzyme treatment will help eliminate pet urine odors from your carpets and rugs. Our process will treat the source of the pet odor and then immediately begins a chemical reaction that destroys the smell.

Carpet Heroes recommends that you have your carpet re-stretched whenever it begins to show wrinkles or becomes loose. Carpet stretching prolongs the life of your carpet and helps to prevent any accidents or falls from occurring. Give Carpet Heroes a call today and schedule an appointment to stretch or replace your carpet.